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The Selby Law firm Specializes Atlanta business planning and legal advisory services for corporate clients, employment and labor law, and general litigation.

The Selby Law Firm provides local businesses, their owners, and agents with extensive expert legal and business advisory services. The Selby Law Firm specializes in both civil litigation and business advisory services. We guide new and existing business owners towards achieving success in their businesses. Our Atlanta business planning firm provides services including cost savings reviews, business planning, loan acquisitions, partnership agreements, corporate operating agreements, trademark, copyright, online presence, technical equipment acquisitions, and any other need to help your business succeed.

If you are in the unfortunate position of needing to defend your business in litigation, or in the alternative have no avenues left but to file a lawsuit in order to remedy your losses, The Selby Law Firm is there to provide litigation expertise. Our Atlanta based law firm provides a thorough explanation of what will be involved in your litigation, we explain costs and fees, potential outcomes, and work with you to decide what measures are appropriate. Our clients are our focus, their needs come first, let The Selby Law Firm assist you with your legal matters and experience unmatched legal experience, client communication, and cost-saving technology oriented legal services.

Atlanta Business Advising:
Small businesses can take off or fail to launch simply due to the legal choices made by owners. As a business oriented firm, we apply our experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for your business by working with you to explain and make the best business formation decisions to ensure the success and longevity of your business.

Business needs often change during the lifetime of a company. The Selby Law Firm Atlanta business law services provides the necessary support to convert entity forms, ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and provide additional employment resources for compliance with legal employment policies and procedures.

We provide employment agreements, goods and services contracts, commercial leases, small business litigation, contract litigation and dispute mediation and resolution, business advising and counseling, employment policy manuals, employment dispute resolution, mergers, annual filings, revisions to articles of organization.
We hope to establish lasting attorney-client relationships, and continue to provide guidance and assistance in all of your daily business needs.

Georgia law considers corporations to be a separate legal entity. This means that shareholders have limited liability for the obligations of the corporation. However, exceptions do exist—sometimes to the detriment of the business. This is where the input of Atlanta business attorneys like David Selby is crucial. read more…

David Selby offers corporations valuable legal counsel in the areas of:

Fiduciary relationships
Shares and stockholders
Directors and officers
Dissolution and receivership
Franchise relationships
Management duties and liabilities
Business Law

In Georgia, business law refers to the dealings of non-corporations such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and partnerships. David Selby represents companies in all aspects of business law, including the following:

Business formation
Our firm is familiar with Georgia business laws, and we can guide you through establishing your business while working to minimize risk and negative exposure. We can assist you with the important first step of selecting the proper business entity to start your business.

Business litigation
The wide range of business or commercial litigation includes, but is not limited to, such matters as problems with business formation, disputes among owners, partners, members, joint-venturers, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, contract interpretation disputes, specific performance of contracts, tortious interference with contracts, and injunctions. Whether the matters involve small businesses or large companies, The Selby Law Firm, LLC. can ardently represent you should your matter require business litigation in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia.

Business planning
Choosing an appropriate business entity structure is one of the most important aspects of forming a business. When starting a new business, necessary considerations should include personal liability, federal and state taxation, ownership structure, profit distributions, tax structure benefits, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, succession plans and management provisions. The Selby Law Firm, LLC. provides in-depth analysis of your business needs and can help guide your new company to a proper business entity form.

Our Atlanta business law firm also provides substantial business planning advisory services. Our experience in business can support our clients in creating and executing a robust strategy to allow their companies to live up to their potential.

We walk clients through the early steps of forming a business, obtaining proper licenses, tax information, and assist with any commercial leases, employment contracts and any other business startup needs.

One of the first decisions to be made in starting your business is the selection of the appropriate business entity under Georgia law. The Atlanta business law attorneys of The Selby Law Firm, LLC., can advise you of the benefits and drawbacks associated with the various forms of business entities, and can assist you with determining the best choice for your business.

The firm is adept at assisting with the following types of business formation:

Sole Proprietorship
General Partnership
Limited Partnership
Limited Liability Partnership
Limited Liability Company
All business registrations are made with the Georgia Secretary of State.

Once you select your business entity, your Atlanta business law attorney can help prepare the documents you require to operate your business successfully including, but not limited to the following:

Business operating licenses and permits, tax certificates
Brand, company, product, service naming
Trademark and intellectual property issues
Business plan development, review, strategy
Business development including marketing strategy
Risk reduction and avoidance
Employment law compliance policies and training
Agreements and contracts
Articles of incorporation
Partnership agreements
Business agreements
Organizational documents
Trade secret issues
Infringement issues
Cease and desist
Business solutions end to end
Buy/Sell agreements
Buying and selling businesses
The Selby Law Firm, LLC. can review all the legal documents for the purchase of your business and can assist you with your due diligence. The firm can help you avoid pitfalls and can smooth your business buying experience by handling details and paperwork in a timely and meticulous fashion.

Our firm can assist you with negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts. Should disputes arise we are available to provide assistance with resolution of your problems.

Human Resources
The Selby Law Firm, LLC. is skilled in all aspects of employment law and can assist you with integrating practices into your business to avoid legal problems that arise in this area.

The Selby Law Firm, LLC. is experienced at preparing the documents you require to operate your partnership successfully and can handle disputes that may arise.

Small Business
An Atlanta small business attorney from The Selby Law Firm, LLC. can give you legal assistance with your small business. Our experienced attorneys can advise and counsel you on business management and represent you should you be faced with litigation.

Business Transactions
The Selby Law Firm, LLC. can assist you with record-keeping and proper documentation for business transactions, as well as disputes that arise over business transactions.

Building a successful business requires more than just hard work. It takes the dedication and experience of a talented team—including an attorney who can help your company avoid errors and recover from legal issues.

Atlanta Business Law Attorneys Can Help

Are you seeking business law attorneys in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia? Is your corporation or business in need of excellent legal representation? Then contact The Selby Law Firm, LLC. today. The Selby Law Firm, LLC. can advise you on all aspects of business law, including transactions, litigation, and compliance.

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